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We specialise on European real estate and provide advice and execution services in four main areas:


  • Define core real estate skills and core investment markets based on detailed analysis
  • Develop an investment framework to quantify the expected risk and return for each asset
  • Formulate a multi-year roadmap for strategic implementation and complete regular follow-ups
  • Communicate the new strategy to investors

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Detailed valuation, financial and strategic analysis of potential real estate acquisitions
  • Analysis and forecasts for specific real estate markets (demand, supply, rental levels and developments)
  • Corporate development and sourcing of potential acquisitions
  • Coordinate team of leading experts for the execution of acquisitions


  • Define medium-term business plans, forecasts and valuation, restructuring options for individual properties and real estate portfolios
  • Analyse financing and refinancing options at a property or corporate level
  • Coordinate team of leading experts for the execution of disposals and restructuring

Access to financial markets

  • Structure a top quality financial communication for investors and analysts
  • Define the equity story and present key transactions to the market
  • Broaden the investor base and expand sell-side coverage

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